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Healthcare professionals in private practice, dietitians, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, RNs, and designated staff members can save time and avoid numerous steps just by using this application. This timesaving tool is fast and works in WIFI areas with Apple iOS. It uses a comprehensive database to provide current enteral feeding amounts of essential nutrients. Download this App from your iPhone or iPad for delivery of most commonly used products. (Jevity, Peptamen, Nepro Carb Steady, Osmolite1.5, Glucerna).

In each case, totals are given for any number of hours and provide: Carbohydrate, fat, protein, %RDI, fiber, calcium potassium, sodium, vitaminC, zinc, and iron. Free H20 results given from various flush combinations added to feeding order to provide total volume.

This classic application has been in use on previous platforms and has proven to save clinicians time in individualizing each case while providing valuable nutrients and fluid to meet needs. We are excited to deliver a fast, accurate smartphone app. Program updates are automatic.

Improvements include:

  • Compatible with iOS platform
  • single page calculations, fluids included
  • additional programming includes BMI calculation, caloric, protein and fluid needs
  • access from your iPhone, iPad

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