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 Academy members work on a broad range of issues, improving America's nutrition and health status. Our members are recognized for their contributions and influence in food, nutrition, and updated health policy.

I believe our future will enlarge to throw a wide net around environmental issues as we strive to increase global concern for planetary health, as well as balance social, ecological, and economical aspects to achieve sustainability. We will look forward to the future of our profession and its upcoming new members.

Merrie Wilner, RDN and Owner of Dietary Software, your most time-saving professional app.

Along with BMI, here is another way to interpret health significance or your body weight.

 By including waist measurement, where abdominal fat seems to collect, you can reduce your waistline and reduce your body fat, along with your weight and reduce your risk of disease, increasing your life expectancy. To find a waist-to-height comparison, use a measuring tape.  If your waist is more than 50% of your height, you are at higher health risk.    For example, a 60 inch, or 5 foot, (non-pregnant) adult female should aim for a waistline of 30 inches or less as a goal for better health and less risk of diseases, such as diabetes, excessive obesity, and breast cancer in women.

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According to "Christmas Diet Tips - How to Eat Drink and Be Merry without the January Hangover", it was noted that American over-indulge in calories up to around the 6000 point.  this all adds up to weight gain.  But here is a new twist on calorie intake - especially sugar -  and weight gain. 

According to a new study, researchers in New Zealand looked at diets that had large sugar increases, just like those holiday meals.  What did they find?   The resulting findings were the excess dietary sugars we consume influence our blood pressure, and raise cholesterol and triglyceride levels,  independent of the effects of sugar on our body weight.  

The message here is important in that some people are very happy to be able to consume excess sugar without gaining weight.  However, even without weight gain, their dietary habits are still quite likely to be increasing their risk for dangerous health issues.

What does this mean for our holiday meal intake?  Modern healthy intake includes fewer carbs and sugars and reintroduces healthful fats, so don't go hungry.   Healthful eating, low in concentrated sugars, along with regular exercise, will go a long way to helping you reduce diabetes risk. 

Technology moves forward again with the iPhone upgrade.

Dietary Software, Inc is using new technology to offer a brand new application, Nutritional Solutions, version 5.1.

This new mobile application moves quickly through calculations, saving time and providing precise results. No more long wait time, and having to worry about updates. Recent technology means updates occur automatically.

Users agree - time has been saved. All results show up on one colorful, easy to read screen. Instead of changing nutritional content of an enteral, or adding new enteral formulas, we will do the updating for you instantly with time frames that don’t keep you waiting.

This new edition of Nutritional Solutions a joy to use. No long lists of numbers to choose from on separate pages. Using a single screen to project results will save assessment time, allowing the user to spend more time with the client. Precise numbers will be at your fingertips.

Customer feedback is important, so let us help you by allowing us to respond to your needs and therefore increase the value of your investment with these ongoing, automatic upgrades

If you've ever faced the difficult decision to continue fixing an older vehicle or invest in a new one, you will appreciate our dilemma. One year ago we became painfully aware the current version of our classic calculator for nutritional professionals was on its last legs. We found ourselves having to increase our investment in fixing coding issues and maintaining Apple Store compliance. On the other hand, estimates for replacing our classic RD resource topped out at $50,000. Neither were good choices.  

Our decision came down to a single factor. You.    

Reflecting upon the commitment of our community of Nutritional professionals tipped the scales. We decided to start over. Today we are excited to reveal the launch of Nutritional Solutions 5.1 We started from scratch by assembling a team that included the best in clinical services experience, digital strategy execution and user experience. We are pleased, proud and astounded at the results. We hope you will feel the same

Nutritional Solutions 5.1 for iPhone/iPad is compatible with iOS11. It has been redesigned with you in mind.  All inputs, calculations, and results appear on a single screen for each calculator. You can choose an Enteral formula, adjust the dose, determine flush requirements and calculate 13 nutrients in seconds. Make any number of changes and the new result appears instantly.  

We chose a new software platform to develop this version. It means that future additions and upgrades are assured. We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions for new calculators to meet your needs and add value to your investment.   

We set the initial price of this brand new version to make it available to all our loyal customers. Our hope is by expanding our user community and making a commitment to future expansion, our investment will be a success.  

MerrieJerryNutritional Solutions 5.1 is available now. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing this valuable tool!

Plant based protein has found a winner with the pea!
Today’s Dietitian contacted Matthew Ruscigno, MPH, RD to report on new findings in pea and legume’s contribution to nutrition and environmental science.

Pea protein is proving to be a useful substitute to soy and dairy. It’s lower in calories, fat and is grown with less nitrogen fertilizer and water, according to Mathew’s findings. Protein powders, egg free mayonnaise, and vegan burgers, if successful, will predict increased use of the pea.

Ripple Milk is a pea milk that contains as much protein as cow and soy milk. It’s fast becoming a popular choice for a healthy pea-protein based, lactose free, nut free, soy alternative. Pea milk was created by a biochemical engineer and climate scientist from the Carnegie Institution for Science.

In the legume family, this Pisum sativum, or green pea, is often prepared as a fresh vegetable when ripe. Dry peas can be green, yellow or “split” peas. One cup of cooked, green peas provides 7.5 grams of fiber (5.5 insoluble, 2 grams soluble).

The taste of pea milk acceptable, unlike many of the high protein alternative products where flavors and sugars are added to mask their identity.

Legumes and peas could be a tasty, healthy, useful way to offer a nutritional”powerhouse” of useful vitamins, phytochemicals, and protein! 

Do you use sugar free supplementation with your high protein, low carbohydrate diet? According to Dr. David Perlmutter, empowering neurologist, the importance of reducing our sugar intake, and overall carbohydrate intake, is now a central theme for more than just weight loss and diabetes controlled diets. 

Some scientists believe sugar may have “harmed more people than tobacco. ” In fact, sugar may well have “elevated our risk for virtually every major chronic disease from heart disease to cancer and Alzheimers.”

As a result, sugar free product sales have increased! If sugar is causing weight gain, why not go to sugar-free in all beverages? Then I can lose even more weight!

Not so fast. Researchers are showing foods containing artificial sweeteners are increasing both diabetes and obesity. Those using artificial sweeteners are showing more than a 50% higher incidence of abdominal obesity. How could this possibly be true?

Here is what researchers are saying in a recent Canadian study: Artificial sweeteners contribute to worsening glucose tolerance by inducing dysbiosis. The composition and function of the intestinal microbiota becomes altered. The altered microbiota exhibit enhanced energy harvest pathways previously associated with obesity in mice and humans.

Bottom line: YES! Reduce sugar. But don’t replace it with artificial sweeteners. Your intestines will not be happy with this choice and you may be paving the way to the very health conditions you’re trying to avoid.

From the Spring, 2016 issue of the Integrative RDN, Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, LD, CSSD, nutrition professor emerita at Georgia State University in Atlanta and editor and chief of Sports Nutrition: A Practical Manual for Professionals. Dr. Rosenbloom outlines the many health benefits of beetroot juice. Not only does beetroot juice lower blood pressure and lower pulmonary hypertension, it can improve athletic performance by lowering the amount of oxygen used by the muscle for a given work rate and increasing blood flow to exercising muscles.

Alzheimer’s disease is making the front page with elevated insulin levels, creating potential for the importance of prevention. According to recent studies relating dietary choices to diabetes and and brain health, Dr. David Perlmutter’s newsletter, Alzheimers News – This Should be Front Page, focuses on brain health and the need for normal blood sugars. Carbohydrate control has become even more important in this study of brain health. The bottom line for message borderline diabetics (type 2) is to keep blood sugars within normal range.

The importance of insulin control in terms of brain health was described in Grain Brain, by Dr Perlmutter, with the emphasis on keeping blood sugar levels normal and adding low glycemic index foods to food labels for assistance in better brain health.

The take home message suggests a diet low in sugar, high in vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and omega-3 fatty acids offer possible protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Brain Food for Older Adults

For additional details, use Nutrition Solutions, by Dietary Software, Inc.

In an article from the WSJ, Broccoli Rabe Dreams Big, the new version of broccoli makes the news, placing this version of the broccoli look-alike side dish in the limelight, a broccoli makeover, so to speak.

Reduce carbohydrates, fight inflammation, lower your BMI, and shed pounds with this new nutritional powerhouse publicized in the recent WSJ personal section. For success, the young and food-conscious millennials were targeted, led by a publicity team with the help of celebrity chef, and digital influencer, Candice Kumai.

The bright green cousin to the cruciferous broccoli is building a fit digital image in NYC this week with a long list of posts, recipes, and photos of broccoli rabe dishes and the Instagram followers campaign hashtag #eatbroccolirabe

Here is what else we know:

According to, this supercharged vegetable is high in Vitamin C, good for your heart, contains pro-vitamin A, and is known for its antioxidant properties as well, linked with healthy vision. As part of the brassica vegetable family, broccoli may help fight cancer and is considered hypoallergenic and offers more than 20% of the daily value of folate.

For the “Skinny” on your own personal details of need vs intake, find your own totals with the app, Nutrition Solutions by Dietary Software, Inc.

Can you believe it? A very traditional local Mayan meal, fit for any celebration, includes Pepian – wonderfully flavored chicken, fresh vegetables, and, as always, the tortilla. The mainstay corn tortilla, has been prepared with healthy edible limestone, for more than 2000 years! And this is a primitive culture?

Well here I am, standing on the edge of a new adventure, chapter 2 of the global adventure that started out as 1 week vacation, let’s dive into 10 locations in a hurry. So, here I am in Florida, hard to imagine the new travel, where I stay long enough to become part of the local day-to-day scene in Guatemala, and not just travel through with pictures and a set of scarves for my friends.

So at the end of the week, I’ll be sharing this adventure with you, saying goodbye to all of the multitasking post-its and hello to living life in the present!

Building Muscle? On the go in the morning after a fast and furious workout?
Head to the drive through and increase your protein intake to meet your higher metabolic needs! Order your breakfast sandwich with 2 eggs instead of 1, no bacon or sausage! You just doubled your protein intake!

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