Saturday, 11 November 2017 15:40

Upgrading your iPhone

Technology moves forward again with the iPhone upgrade.

Dietary Software, Inc is using new technology to offer a brand new application, Nutritional Solutions, version 5.1.

This new mobile application moves quickly through calculations, saving time and providing precise results. No more long wait time, and having to worry about updates. Recent technology means updates occur automatically.

Users agree - time has been saved. All results show up on one colorful, easy to read screen. Instead of changing nutritional content of an enteral, or adding new enteral formulas, we will do the updating for you instantly with time frames that don’t keep you waiting.

This new edition of Nutritional Solutions a joy to use. No long lists of numbers to choose from on separate pages. Using a single screen to project results will save assessment time, allowing the user to spend more time with the client. Precise numbers will be at your fingertips.

Customer feedback is important, so let us help you by allowing us to respond to your needs and therefore increase the value of your investment with these ongoing, automatic upgrades

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