Friday, 21 December 2018 19:19

Christmas Diet Tips

According to "Christmas Diet Tips - How to Eat Drink and Be Merry without the January Hangover", it was noted that American over-indulge in calories up to around the 6000 point.  this all adds up to weight gain.  But here is a new twist on calorie intake - especially sugar -  and weight gain. 

According to a new study, researchers in New Zealand looked at diets that had large sugar increases, just like those holiday meals.  What did they find?   The resulting findings were the excess dietary sugars we consume influence our blood pressure, and raise cholesterol and triglyceride levels,  independent of the effects of sugar on our body weight.  

The message here is important in that some people are very happy to be able to consume excess sugar without gaining weight.  However, even without weight gain, their dietary habits are still quite likely to be increasing their risk for dangerous health issues.

What does this mean for our holiday meal intake?  Modern healthy intake includes fewer carbs and sugars and reintroduces healthful fats, so don't go hungry.   Healthful eating, low in concentrated sugars, along with regular exercise, will go a long way to helping you reduce diabetes risk. 

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