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Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes

Alzheimer’s disease is making the front page with elevated insulin levels, creating potential for the importance of prevention. According to recent studies relating dietary choices to diabetes and and brain health, Dr. David Perlmutter’s newsletter, Alzheimers News – This Should be Front Page, focuses on brain health and the need for normal blood sugars. Carbohydrate control has become even more important in this study of brain health. The bottom line for message borderline diabetics (type 2) is to keep blood sugars within normal range.

The importance of insulin control in terms of brain health was described in Grain Brain, by Dr Perlmutter, with the emphasis on keeping blood sugar levels normal and adding low glycemic index foods to food labels for assistance in better brain health.

The take home message suggests a diet low in sugar, high in vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and omega-3 fatty acids offer possible protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Brain Food for Older Adults

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