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Are you trying to cut back on Sugar? Beware. Sugar free could spell danger

Do you use sugar free supplementation with your high protein, low carbohydrate diet? According to Dr. David Perlmutter, empowering neurologist, the importance of reducing our sugar intake, and overall carbohydrate intake, is now a central theme for more than just weight loss and diabetes controlled diets. 

Some scientists believe sugar may have “harmed more people than tobacco. ” In fact, sugar may well have “elevated our risk for virtually every major chronic disease from heart disease to cancer and Alzheimers.”

As a result, sugar free product sales have increased! If sugar is causing weight gain, why not go to sugar-free in all beverages? Then I can lose even more weight!

Not so fast. Researchers are showing foods containing artificial sweeteners are increasing both diabetes and obesity. Those using artificial sweeteners are showing more than a 50% higher incidence of abdominal obesity. How could this possibly be true?

Here is what researchers are saying in a recent Canadian study: Artificial sweeteners contribute to worsening glucose tolerance by inducing dysbiosis. The composition and function of the intestinal microbiota becomes altered. The altered microbiota exhibit enhanced energy harvest pathways previously associated with obesity in mice and humans.

Bottom line: YES! Reduce sugar. But don’t replace it with artificial sweeteners. Your intestines will not be happy with this choice and you may be paving the way to the very health conditions you’re trying to avoid.

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