Thursday, 28 September 2017 15:01

A Labor of Love - Nurtitional Solutions 5.1

If you've ever faced the difficult decision to continue fixing an older vehicle or invest in a new one, you will appreciate our dilemma. One year ago we became painfully aware the current version of our classic calculator for nutritional professionals was on its last legs. We found ourselves having to increase our investment in fixing coding issues and maintaining Apple Store compliance. On the other hand, estimates for replacing our classic RD resource topped out at $50,000. Neither were good choices.  

Our decision came down to a single factor. You.    

Reflecting upon the commitment of our community of Nutritional professionals tipped the scales. We decided to start over. Today we are excited to reveal the launch of Nutritional Solutions 5.1 We started from scratch by assembling a team that included the best in clinical services experience, digital strategy execution and user experience. We are pleased, proud and astounded at the results. We hope you will feel the same

Nutritional Solutions 5.1 for iPhone/iPad is compatible with iOS11. It has been redesigned with you in mind.  All inputs, calculations, and results appear on a single screen for each calculator. You can choose an Enteral formula, adjust the dose, determine flush requirements and calculate 13 nutrients in seconds. Make any number of changes and the new result appears instantly.  

We chose a new software platform to develop this version. It means that future additions and upgrades are assured. We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions for new calculators to meet your needs and add value to your investment.   

We set the initial price of this brand new version to make it available to all our loyal customers. Our hope is by expanding our user community and making a commitment to future expansion, our investment will be a success.  

MerrieJerryNutritional Solutions 5.1 is available now. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing this valuable tool!

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