A message on the future of Nutritional Solutions software by Dietary Software, Inc.

Dietary Software would like to maintain the publishing of our App. We value you as a customer and would like to know if you plan to continue using our app service.   
  • Does it save up time as you calculate your patient's caloric needs? 
  • Do you often manipulate enteral formulas from monthly weights and labwork results?   
  • Do you change formulas based on the changing condition of your resident?
  • Do you use any new formulas not listed with your Nutritional Solutions App?
We are not planning on making major changes to the App at this time, but in order to continue with the present offering of calculations of BMI, Energy Requirements, Fluid and Protein needs, as well as Enteral Formula and fluid calculation to meet needs, we would like to offer the continuation of all present services and formulas to our users for a small monthly fee to maintain the software and website, along with yearly registration fees for the app program.
For $4.99 each month, users will: 
receive corrections, basic updates, and support from Dietary Software, Inc, maintain registrations within the present operating system, all fees included, and follow our customers for future software needs for iPhone nutritional software calculations.
So, opt-in to continue saving time and assuring accuracy with support from Dietary Software. 
Let us know how this app has saved you valuable time and dollars with your patients!
Thank you for letting us assist
Merrie Wilner, RDN, Owner.
Dietary Sofrware, Inc. 

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